Anne E. Sallee

John Bukata’s abilities as a leader, a manager, and a public safety professional will be an asset wherever he goes. As Chief in Oakland Park, John was able to increase community interaction between our residents and public safety officials, to work with multiple agencies to rid our community of the scourge of the pill mills, and deploy numerous targeted efforts to improve the quality of life in our community. John’s efforts at finding and obtaining grant dollars, working within the budgetary restraints of our city’s financial challenges and making Oakland Park a better place to live, work and play, were supurb. Chief Bukata’s professionalism, dependability and broad knowledge of our community and its needs were greatly appreciated and he will be missed in our city. I would not hesitate to recommend John Bukata for a leadership role as suits his significant qualifications.

Lynne Martzall

John is an outstanding police executive. His ability to lead, especially during times of crisis, is unsurpassed. We worked together on numerous programs, most notably on a drowning prevention campaign to end toddler drowning. Additionally, we partnered for two large-scale conferences to highlight our agency and bring in much need revenue to Broward County. For organizations looking for a detail-oriented, dedicated law enforcement professional, John Bukata is the right choice.

Robert Rios

Early in John’s career his leadership qualities was evident. Every unit he was assigned to John stood out as the best in the unit. It was not a surprise to see him advance from Deputy Sheriff to Chief. I highly recommend him.