About Us: Bukata & Associates, Inc.

Bukata & Associates is a multifaceted corporation designed to conduct Security Consultation & Assessments, Expert Litigation Support, and Police Consultation. I would like to introduce myself and the company I established alongside fellow career public safety personnel, to improve, enhance, and empower educational institutions, governmental entities, and small and large businesses alike.

As a 40-year police executive, John S. Bukata founded Bukata & Associates upon his retirement from law enforcement (see CV). Bukata & Associates is designed to safeguard organizations – like yours – ensuring they are equipped with the tools necessary to better protect students, staff, customers, and employees, and to protect the institution’s well-earned reputation; as well as reduce your exposure to negligent security lawsuits.

Another component of our business is to provide police and security consultation as well as expert litigation support. Our team of experts consists of retired law enforcement professionals who are experts in their respective specific fields of investigations and/or police specific specialized units or divisions. Our collective law enforcement experience exceeds 80 years. Each of our teams’ CV’s is posted on our webpage. (www.bukataconsulting.com)

Regarding security consultation and risk assessments, violence on school campuses, workplace violence, and active killer events has increased in recent years – and with mass casualty incidents – like the one that took place in Parkland, FL in 2018, educational institutions and corporate America can no longer leave the safety and security of their students and faculty to responding public safety personnel. Now is the time to evaluate and assess security, empower staff to take proactive steps to protect themselves and others, prevent incidents of violence, and learn life-saving techniques.

Bukata & Associates offers a range of advanced security assessments, which include target hardening, security personnel, evaluation, and instructional courses for personnel. Oftentimes, during these mass casualty incidents, had personnel received advanced instruction on the proper protocols to follow during an active shooter situation, more lives may have been saved. At Bukata & Associates, we understand the individual needs of educational institutions and businesses – based on size, location, and funding. We also recognize that this “new normal” is a difficult topic to approach with personnel and students. We tailor our security assessments and instruction – providing solutions, not a liability, or additional concern.

I am confident the services Bukata & Associates offers, will benefit your organization and its staff in regards to the growing violence on school campuses, government building, or any business. I look forward to meeting with you to discuss options available for improving security at your school. Contact me directly at (954) 283-9242 or via e-mail at john@bukataconsulting.com at your earliest convenience.